Juliette Clancy

Life is challenging for us all at times. My own life experiences have helped me recognise the need for a safe place to go when I’m struggling and need support. Counselling offers a guiding hand during dark times. A unique professional perspective, that’s given without judgement or bias and in total confidence.

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Counselling is an opportunity for you to enter a safe and confidential space to discuss, explore and better understand past and present life experiences that are impacting your life today.

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Group workshops offer an entirely different experience to one-to-one counselling: through sharing the process, we can realise how many experiences we share as human beings and gain insight and wisdom from other people’s perspectives.

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Telephone: 07969 787355


“The greatest glory in living lies not in never falling but in rising every time we fall”

Nelson Mandela


Thoughts & Ideas

  • A letter from a father to a son – Ted Hughes to his son Nicholas
  • Dear Nick,

    I hope things are clearing. It did cross my mind, last summer, that you were under strains of an odd sort. I expect, like many another, you’ll spend your life oscillating between fierce relationships that become tunnel traps, and sudden escapes into wide freedom when the whole world seems to be just there for the taking. Nobody’s solved it. […]